Wuxi SJQ Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Supreme Quality Control, Exceptional Service: Wuxi SJQ Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd

A Legacy of Excellence Since 2004

Founded in 2004, Wuxi SJQ Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd, has emerged as an industry leader in the realm of spherical roller bearings. Spanning over 150 acres, our facility is home to a dedicated workforce of over 150 professionals.

Diverse Spherical Roller Bearings Portfolio

We specialize in crafting spherical roller bearings in various designs, including CA, CC, E, E1, MB, MA, and 2RS series. With a comprehensive portfolio boasting over 2,000 different models, we proudly produce half a million sets annually.

Full-Spectrum Manufacturing Expertise

Our responsibility extends beyond production to encompass machining and assembly processes. This holistic approach ensures a closed-loop production for spherical roller bearings, exemplifying our commitment to quality at every stage.

Innovation Tailored to Your Needs

Drawing from years of experience, we’ve harnessed our expertise to develop specialized bearings for diverse industries. Our products cater to critical applications such as vibration screen bearings, crusher bearings, fan bearings, and steel mill bearings. These bearings find extensive usage across metallurgy, mining, port machinery, paper machinery, chemical, petroleum, cement, coal, and more.

Our Triple Commitment: Quality, Innovation, Service

At SJQ Bearing, we live by three core principles: Quality, Innovation, and Service. These principles are the cornerstones of our operations, driving us to consistently deliver exceptional solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

Experience the excellence of Wuxi SJQ Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd, where quality control meets exemplary service. Join us in forging a future built on precision, innovation, and unwavering dedication to your success.


Has been established for more than 22 years

20000+ m^2

The factory area is more than 20000 square meters


More than 800 major international projects


More than 500 employees worldwide

SJQ Bearing is a respected and comprehensive
manufacturer and trader of bearings, renowned for our expertise in
production, sales, and service.

Industries We Serve:

Gearbox, Mining Machine, Wood Machinery, Construction Machinery, Material Equipment, Agricultural Machinery…

Agricultural Machinery
Bearings used in Agricultural Machinery
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Wood Machinery
Bearings used in Wood Machinery
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Material Equipment
Bearings used in Material Equipment
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Construction Machinery
Bearings used in Construction Machinery
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Mining Machine
Bearings used in Mining Machine
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