Our Cutting-EdgeForging Workshop With Most advanced Equipments

Mid-frequency Heating

Three-ways sorting design

  • Using Two Fixed Dual-color Raytek Thermometers for Real-time Monitoring and Recording of Material Center Temperature, with Sorting Capability.
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring with Immediate Alarms: Preventing Defective Products in Forging. instant audio-visual alarms are triggered to prevent the flow of underheated or overheated products into the forging process, ensuring optimal product quality.
  • Implementing Secure Storage of Hot Material Segments in Locked High-Temperature Red Containers to Ensure Safety and Prevent Contamination.
  • Cold Material Segments Enter Low-Temperature Orange Containers (Subjected to Secondary Heating). Material segments that have undergone more than two heating cycles are scrapped and appropriately disposed of.
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring of Forged Products using Raytek Handheld Temperature Guns.

Forging Process

  • Extrusion-rolling technology with full contour and equal margin profiling forging technique, employing optimized metal streamline for enhanced product lifespan.
  • Redundant temperature control: Double-checking with Raytek thermometers and real-time monitoring with handheld temperature guns


  • Continuous Fully Automatic Annealing Line – Roller Hearth Nitrogen-based Protective Atmosphere Isothermal Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace,which is certified by leading international bearing brands.